It is with great regret that I am shutting Squashed Software down. Due to my day job, and general lack of time to properly support Squashed Software as it deserves, Squashed Software is being closed indefinitely.

In the coming days I will post free license keys for all of our software for anyone to use - but going forward support will be not available.

I thank all of our customers over the last 5 and a bit years (as Squashed Software and even longer as Maza Digital) for their support and kind words.
Hopefully at some point in the future Squashed Software might return...


Here are the free licenses...
All licenses use the following registration information:
Name: Free

RAID Monitor 3: 1982-CA99-3EC9-0F63-F663-A6AD
Email Backup Pro 2: 2312-CB7A-DD62-6648-1BB6-334A
iTunes Consolidator: 1005-1CDA-C0F1-8BBF-4897-11C5
EasyVPN: 1709-E3F0-AD1F-69D0-7BB5-8A27

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